co-sleeper. part 4.

The days of sleeping kid free were minimal in our family.  Just as we moved brixton into his own room, which he is insanely proud of, Ingrid moved herself into ours.  The transition for brixton wasn’t as hard as we had expected, but then again, we didn’t really have many expectations.  We made his room special with new furnishings, colors, and some of his favorite toys.  He didn’t last all night for quite a while, yet he was doing well. Ingrid’s half of the co-sleeping story is backward from brixton.  When she was born a preemie, I was afraid for her to sleep with us because she was so tiny.  Regardless, we made several attempts at doing so.  I didn’t want to miss out on our bonding time.  I spent many (MANY) nights asleep sitting up with ingrid asleep on my chest.  I stuck it out as long as I could, but after a short time, I was exhausted!  I tried leaving her sleep in her co-sleeper bassinet to see if she’d rest.  She did.  She seemed rather content sleeping in her own space, even though it was right beside me.  I was slightly relieved.  I tried several times to have her sleep with me again, but she wasn’t up for that.  As she grew, we moved her into her crib, which was beside our bed.  Still loving her own sleeping domain, she was not interested in co-sleeping with mama at all.  So, here we are with one child sleeping in his own bed and one that’s changed her views on the crib.  She has become our co-sleeper #2.  For the past few months my husband and I have lost count on many nights we sleep apart.  If I’m not traipsing into brixton’s room at 3 am to ward off bad guys and spooky green lights, then ingrid is sleeping in our bed and pushing john out.  Oh, words can not express how much I miss our California King bed!  Tonight’s bedtime topic was who is sleeping where + stomach virus.  Yeah, today has been grand!  I’ve had the type of day where the only thing I accomplished was a bunch of cuddling with Ingrid who felt yucky.  I do hate the thought of possible husband neglect, yet I feel compelled to ask john to sleep in brixton’s room tonight.  (I don’t think that will go well once he reads this!) Mamahood is a never-ending job that I truly cherish.  There are moments when I think a night’s sleep, alone, would be wonderful, but I miss having my family so close.  For the first few months of brixton sleeping in his own room, I found myself checking on him several times a night.  Still to this day, I look at our baby monitor many times per night to make sure he isn’t awake and sobbing.  (Insane and insecure possibly!) I don’t know when our co-sleeping days will end and I don’t care to push it.  If our kids rest well knowing we’re close, I’ve done my job.  …but I know my husband is counting the days, and hours, until both kids are in their own beds in their own rooms.  Keep counting, dear!  These lovely kiddos are in no hurry!!    🙂