they’re more than you think.

Sadly, I’ve come to realize that people aren’t seen as who they are, but as labels.  We’re viewed by the world as a diagnosis, a life choice, a color.  Why has this ever become acceptable?

As parents we make decisions for our kids that last their entire lives.  Some good and some bad.  I would like to think that the majority of our decisions are created from love and wanting the best for them.  There are also some that are inevitable.

Our family has many labels.  First would be that we’re a “military family”. I have no complaints about this because  I’m oozing with pride that my husband is brave enough to do a job that I never could.
Second, we are a family with a special needs child.  Again, proud.  My daughter is tiny, but she is strong.  She is amazing.  And she will conquer the world!
Third, we are a family of unvaccinated humans.  Eek!!  You may not agree, that’s perfectly fine, but my family is healthy and happy.
Fourth, we are a family of God. (double  Eek!!)  We believe. There is nothing you can say or attempt to argue that will change our stance.  Everyone has beliefs.  We believe ours are solid.

See, there is nothing wrong with being different.  It’s what makes us individual.  We were not meant to be exact copies of one another.  You are just as beautiful as the next person.

My husband and I have many friends who have different views than we do.  We love it.  It lends us to diverse conversation and understanding as to where they come from.  How else could we coexist in this world?!

This shouldn’t be the age of labels any longer.  If you’re of thin build, be proud.  If not, be proud.  If you’re of one religion, be proud.  If you’re unique in any way (which we all are!), be proud.
I feel that as long as our intentions are true and just, then we should be seen for who we are, not how we look or how we talk.  People are fascinating!  Let’s make the effort to look into the hearts of those we would normally shy away from.  I bet a single smile would turn your world, and theirs, brighter.

Give it a try.  I promise it’ll be worth it!