the pine tree.


Call me overzealous, I don’t mind.  The anticipation for our kiddos to have their first real Christmas experience is exciting.  Their first snowfall, their first live Christmas tree, their first Christmas morning in cold weather.  Since our family had spent the past few years in Arizona where it’s constantly warm & dry, Brixton and Ingrid have never had a holiday the way my husband and I had growing up.

We cant wait to walk through the snow to find our favorite tree.  Or enjoy hot chocolate by the fire-place in our comfy pajamas.  And visit family and friends.  Having what we’d consider a traditional family Christmas.

Last night was our first attempt at winter (or Christmas) fun.  My husband and I, along with my parents, took the kids to an outdoor shopping area in hopes that we weren’t too early for some beautifully lit trees, music, and decorations.  Although we had a great time, we were expecting too much too soon.   No decorations.  No music.  And the only trees lit by lights were decorating the parking lot.  Not much excitement there.

So, as I am counting down the days until we can find our perfect tree (without having a horribly dry or dead tree before Christmas!) I guess I’ll settle for the beautiful pinterest photos to tide me over..

P.S..  I won’t remind you of how quickly the holidays are approaching.   🙂