Tonight ends another year to my personal record book. I’ve been on this earth for a lovely 35 years now. My ongoing list of gracious people and endeavors has brought me to this point in my life; a moment to realize how lucky I am.
I woke this morning to an overjoyed little boy wanting me to open my birthday gifts from himself, Ingrid and his daddy. That made today perfect! (not the gifts, but the loves of my life!)

As each year passes, I reach a new level of reflection. My life has changed so much in such a short time that sometimes its hard to comprehend. I can’t say that I regret any one aspect, as they are all a learning experience, yet I am extremely excited to be where I am now.

I recently read an article that would help decide if your life is a successful one. To my surprise, monetary wealth wasn’t it (good thing or I would’ve stopped reading too soon!). It pertained more to self-appreciation and acceptance than to anything else. This made me think about how my thinking process has changed as I’ve grown. Not only have my priorities been rearranged, but my entire way of viewing (and handling) situations. Being in a wonderful marriage has definitely been a reason, but having kids would take the cake. Those two kiddos have occupied more of my brain, emotions, energy, and time than anything else in my life. I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to do the job of their mama.

For some time I didn’t think it was possible for people to change. It took my self reflection to see that not only is it possible, but its inevitable to some degree. Not to say that it’s always for the better though. Being able to look past things that used to make us cringe struck a chord with me. I was always a person to let my temper take control before common sense or rationality stepped in. I feel different now. The drama that goes along with my past reactions is something that I want left in the past. I guess it all goes back to our kids.. being a daily influence on their lives and helping them to create healthy relationships of their own. Being who I was wouldn’t be beneficial to brixton or ingrid..or my husband! Thankfully I’m growin’ up!!

And I am thankful for the chance to have today!
Another fantastic birthday gone by and fingers crossed for many more to come!
Good night, world!