I close my eyes..

For the first time in several years, we are enjoying true fall weather.  Here in Pennsylvania its cold and rainy today.  It’s actually quite wonderful.  This is the weather we’d been missing while living in the desert of Arizona.

As we’re driving into the city to spend the day with family, my husband and I are talking about how awesome the rain is.  He apologizes to me for moving the family back to my hometown and that he (thinks) knows I don’t care for colder weather.  Clarification here:  I LOVE this weather!  It’s peaceful to me.  I find it rather fun to dress the kiddos in cute sweaters and jeans to go shopping.  That is something I’ve missed.

All I can imagine is that this could be what Germany or France must feel like.  From what I understand, the climate change is quite similar to ours.  Awesome!
Eyes closed.  I’m envisioning myself in Paris during autumn rocking my oxblood Doc Martens (which are an early birthday gift from the best husband ever!) and a comfy sweater.  Yeah, I’ll be holding onto this for as long as it takes to actually be there..  standing at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower looking up.  Or possibly sitting in a cafe, being stared at by Parisians for my unruly kiddos.  But I’ll be in my own personal heaven!
All of my life I have dreamed of being in Paris.  Do I want to live there, you ask?  Not necessarily.  Yet being close enough to hop a train ride for a blissful weekend away would be ideal!  This is where my previous Germany reference comes into play.

My very intelligent, hardworking hubby is working to complete his bachelor’s degree to compliment his many, many years of experience from his military career.  Once this (journey) is over, we’ll move our family again.  Next stop… Germany!  Its not paris, BUT it’ll be closer than I’ve ever been.  And we can travel to different parts of Europe as we please.  I know life isn’t about perfection.  We have to be able to work towards our goals.  I get that.  This keeps me going.

Germany.  Paris.  Rain.  Cold.
With our happily transplanted family, of course!