did I really wear that?!

As many of you may know, my husband recently retired from the military.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, as his wife, to be part of something so monumental in his life and career.  I was (and always will be) extremely proud of him and all that he’s accomplished throughout his time serving this country, and to my shock, I was to be part of his retirement ceremony…on stage in front of a large group honoring his career.  That meant I had to find the best dress to wear.  It wasn’t a formal event, but it was to me.  I wanted to make him proud (to be seen with me.. since my wardrobe lately consists of tank tops & shorts).  So I opted for a more-than-necessary classy black dress.  It was so pretty, yet so not perfect for what I had imagined I’d wear for the occasion.  I returned it to the store.  I found another dress that better fit the occasion.  Too bad I took my husband shopping with me that day, who picked out a completely different dress.  One that I wasn’t thrilled over, but purchased in the name of love. 

Here I am nearly two months later.  Laying in bed remembering how awful I looked in the dress with absolutely no shape.  Which, by the way, looked as though I were pregnant again!  Ugh.  I can’t believe I wore that!  Photos were taken to be framed in remembrance of his successful career.  And I wore that!!  As selfish as this all sounds, please understand that my ultimate intent was for him to be proud and to feel good about myself, for him. 

He is an amazing man.  He’s had a career doing something that I could never do.  He, and thousands of men and women, choose a life of hardship and experience things that the rest of us will never know of..  and to that I applaud you all!  This group of individuals are more incredible than I could ever put into words.  Thank you for all that you do. 

From the husbands and wives of the military, its our honor to be by your side.

P.S.  it wasn’t about the ugliest little black dress.  It was to honor my hero.  But the dress was horrid!   🙂