Down Syndrome=exceptional

I just read a tid bit of a statement made by Richard Dawkins regarding a prenatal down syndrome diagnosis.   Now, as I won’t claim to quote exactly because I was too annoyed to continue reading the article, I will say this..

Who does he, or anyone, think they are to say ANY life is not worth living?  Our daughter was blessed with down syndrome and we wouldn’t change one aspect of her or our lives since her birth.  Are our lives simple?  No, but that does not discount her awesomeness!  She is beautiful, smart, and an extremely joyous baby.  Our son is so in-love with his baby sister.  They have a normal brother sister bond, with a bit of extra sincerity. 

My unpleasant rant is over, but I will finish with this…  if you don’t feel you can “handle” a child with any special need or disability, let someone else do it, but give that child a chance.  You have no idea what they can accomplish and the sheer joy they can bring to your life in a single smile.


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  1. ksbeth on September 19, 2014 at 10:06 am

    and what a lovely girl she is, you are all so lucky to have found each other in the same family ) beth