It’s been quite a long time since I last blogged, so I have a bit of updating to do. We have been rather busy preparing for our move from Arizona to Pennsylvania. The move is approaching quickly and we are trying to stay sane during this hectic time.

In the past 5 years I have moved 5 times. One would think I’ve become good at this.. as if I’d have a system of organization. Yeah, nope! I am completely unprepared for this move, which has proven to be our most difficult. The reason being is that we’re moving in three parts. The kids and I fly out on one day (next week!!!), my husband a few weeks later, then a moving company shortly after that. Because we are moving in such a “unique” manner I have lists for everything & everyone. My list consists of items that will keep myself and the kids happy (and comfortable in a completely different climate!) until my husband gets there. Then I have a somewhat lengthy list for my husband of things that are equally important, yet impossible to take on an airplane (crib). The remaining stuff will be on the movers’ list, which we won’t have for who knows how long.

As the move gets closer, I feel a seemingly endless amount of overwhelming panic about it. As adults, we understand why our lives are changing. But to see our kids stress about the same situation, without understanding why is heartbreaking. Brixton is having a bit of a struggle grasping the concept of the move and why. To top it off, we have decided to downsize our belongings. Our large home full of furnishing and personal touches has changed to merely a shell of what he is used to. We’ve tried to brighten the idea for him by purchasing new furniture for his new bedroom. He seems excited as we talk about his room, yet I don’t feel that he has confidence in us. As if we’ve let him down before its even finished.

Anyhow, decluttering has caused mixed emotions for me. It’s nice to have less stuff to interfere. But I almost miss those things. We chose them for a reason.. to make our family comfortable. So, to not have them seems as though the reason behind them diminish our memories. That may sound odd, I don’t know. But as we move furniture out of our home I watch the kids’ faces.. the memories go with it.

Our next adventure is approaching quickly. The entire purpose behind this move is meaningful and necessary. It is not meant to be a permanent move. We do intend to do this again in a few years. For the time being, I am just as scared as I am excited. It’s not new territory, I’m from there. But its a new, different experience. I left there for reasons I don’t care to revisit. I left for a different experience. And when I left I never wanted to return. Now, I’m about to do what I swore I wouldn’t. I’m moving home. This time, I’m bringing my wonderful husband and amazing kids. As much as I’d like to say that makes it all easier, it doesn’t. I still feel the same, just that I need to suck it up and go along with it. I believe everything happens for a reason and there must be a good reason!

I hope to get back to you before our first step in the move next week, but if not…I’ll definitely updated you as soon as I’m able.

Boxes need packed, suitcases need filled and I need sleep. Nite all!