bucket list.

I’m doing something that I have never given much thought, but after reading an article I decided to sit, think & consider, and make it all known.

The article that caught my attention was regarding a young woman who created a bucket list, yet passed away before she could fulfill her plans.  Ironically,  the recipient of the young woman’s heart is taking it upon herself to complete the list for the deceased woman.  You may not see the intrigue here, but I find this story wonderful.  And this made me think of how lovely the heart recipient must be to keep living for the woman who can’t.  She has a heart of gold (no pun intended)!

If I were to create my own bucket list, the first one would be..

1.  Live in Europe.  (PARIS, please!!!)

2.  Finish college.

3.  Raise brixton and ingrid to be individuals that refuse to give up after the first try; to set goals and accomplish those goals; to be there for one another because once my husband and I are passed, they only have each other (!); to see the value in everyone’s eyes and to not pass judgment on anyone without getting to know them with sincerity.

4.  To make friends with those I never imagined; to venture out of my comfort zone.

5.  To downsize our lives to live simply. 

6.  Travel more than I’ve ever dreamed.

7.  To learn french,  again!

8.  To be patient with myself..  for instance, let my hair grow long again.  WITHOUT coloring it.  May seem trivial to some, but its a weird thing that I can’t seem to shake.

9.  This is for my marriage…  have a wedding in france. 
I was proposed to by text message and married at the court house.   I’m totally not complaining,  just giving you insight as to why redoing our vows in a magical city seems so enchanting. 

10.  To provide something for someone who can’t repay me. 
(I feel that we learn by example and I want my kids to grow up to be selfless…to put others before themselves.  And, hey, it all goes back to paying it forward,  right?!)

11.  To show my favorite people how special they are..  not by gifts, but by my actions.

12.  To write something compelling enough to make a difference!!!

13.  This is scary for myself and those in the listening area….to SING in public.  Eek!! 

14.  To vacation with my family without electronics!  (No cell phones, televisions, video games)

15.  To take all of the seemingly inspirational sayings and make them my reality.  To rid myself of any bitterness and bad attitude.

So, there you have it.  My bucket list.  Because this was an impromptu list and I don’t have any real knowledge of how a bucket list is supposed to work, I give myself permission to revamp the details as they seem fit.  I will, however,  keep the list’s contents intact to keep it realistic and honest.  And possibly add to it as I go on….

Go ahead and make your own list.  Please, do me a favor and leave yours in the comments below…  I want to know your thoughts and dreams!