moving forward, moving on.

Trying to pinpoint one area to begin this post is difficult. There have been so many changes, so much uncertainty, and a wealth of more to come in the near future that what I hoped would be a better year is proving otherwise. I continually have to remind myself of the blessings and wonderful experiences we’ve been given just to avoid a stress overload.

The business that my husband is in has the unfortunate ability to decide which direction our lives take. Some are great, while others are not. Lately we have faced a day to day change to our future expectations. It seems as though not only is the business status changing, but so is our living situation. And those are just two of the stresses smacking us in the face right now.

While not knowing what tomorrow will bring I begin to wonder if this is our opportunity to take advantage of the upcoming changes. As in, leap for the stars! I see all of these uplifting posters and books that tell us to achieve the most from ourselves; or to conquer the world. I think now is our time to do just that. I look at the bigger picture of what’s going on and see so many options and chances to make the best of this not-so-good year that we’re having. I believe we can do this. I’m sure we can make this situation at hand turn into our deal of a lifetime! Easy for me to say though… my husband has the unfortunate position of dealing with the job loss and ever growing list of unpleasant pressure. I sit back and plan our escape from reality into our dream world. As much as I’d love to consider this a dream come true, considering the fact that times have changed and carrying two kids into an uncertain life isn’t ideal. I am reluctant to do much of what makes me thrive. Let’s pick up and go! That’s what I want to do. Yet unsure if thats the proper way to approach the situation. Like I said, I have the easy side of the deal. The consuming weight of submitting resumes, finding a new home, etc is a bit overwhelming for anyone. Thankfully I have a strong willed husband who can handle the work (I’m by his side the entire time!). He has made this “transition” period as peaceful for our family as possible. At the end of this, he’ll probably need a massage and a case of New Castle Brown Ale!!

On a lighter note… March has provided us with a few opportunities to celebrate. March is Down Syndrome Awareness month. But more importantly, our Ingrid turned ONE!! (photos of our birthday beauty to follow.)

I’ll end for now to collect more composure in preparation for our hectic future ahead.

Enjoy Down Syndrome Awareness month!