they come from different worlds.

As we grow older we begin to realize that no two people are the same.  Sure, we may have similar likes and dislikes, similar personalities,  etc., but there is no one like me. 

This couldn’t be more true of our two kids.  I adore my kids equally because they’re completely different (and they’re mine!).  Yet everyday I recognize more differences between the two.  

Brixton was our first born.  He’s a vibrant 2 1/2 year old that is as sweet as he is ornery.   He will be the tornado in the room, all while giggling.  Soon after he realizes he’s become too much he will hug you to pieces.  His personality is bigger & brighter than some adults that I’ve encountered.  When I was pregnant with him, I was overjoyed to find out we were having a boy.  I never imagined, at that point, that I’d want a girl.  A boy was just what I was hoping for…and my husband too.  He was the last namesake to his family.  I believe that having a boy was more than just a bit exhilarating for him.  Brixton made his arrival just as his parents do to most occasions…late.  As in a week late.  No harm done; we had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  And his attitude has been shining ever since. (He gets that from his dad!!!)  His little giggle is one that will make you smile no matter how bad the mood.  Just a cutie.  

Ingrid happened to be our second vacation surprise (I’ll explain later).  Upon realizing I was pregnant again I was scared and excited at once.  Having another baby was great.  We had planned to eventually have a sibling for brixton,  but not necessarily that soon!  Brixton had just turned one shortly before.  How was I going to make this work?  Two babies who need attention from me ALL THE TIME!  Let the panic begin.  In all honesty,  this feeling didn’t last as long as it may seem.  I was really excited to have our second baby, and knowing it would be our last was okay too.  On the day we were told we were having a girl,  I don’t think I stopped smiling.  We had a boy and now was our time for a sweet little girl.   The pregnancy was normal, no complications.  But at 35 weeks, I went into labor.  The thing labor began in the middle of the night.   I was completely aware that I could be in labor.  As a patient of a birth center,  I wanted to do as much as I could at home before going to the center.  So I did laundry until 4am.  Seems strange I’m sure, but I kept a log of my contractions and felt pretty confident.  After deciding that I needed to rest, I woke at 6am to a wet bed.  Now its time!  Our little girl is coming!  But to our dismay,  I had severe bleeding.  My natural delivery was out of the question because of unforeseen complications.  Our hospital room had a constant flow of nurses, doctors,  and specialists.   The outcome was well worth the insanely scary day.  She was born!   Not only was she perfect, but yeah, she has Down Syndrome.   She’s perfect!  Exactly the way she was meant to be.  I had no idea what our future would hold, but that didn’t matter.  She is ours and she is loved.  I won’t lie…I was scared.  Her diagnosis didn’t frighten me, it was how is this cruel world going to react and treat my perfect little girl?!  As time passed, she overcame obstacles that doctors said she wouldn’t.   She is a tiny fighter, but she is a true fighter.  My brother calls her Ing the Conqueror and has since her first week!  Ingrid is mild-mannered, gentle,  and oober sweet.  Her gorgeous blue eyes twinkle when she smiles.  And like her brother,  she has a contagious giggle.  (Wow!  I love my kiddos!)  

In all my years I never thought two people from the same parents could be as different as ours are.  Brixton is a rough playing boy who doesn’t want to be told ‘no’ and has an agenda of play all day.  And cartoons,  of course.  Ingrid is tender loving,  soft, graceful,  and just the most precious beauty.  With the small amount of time between their ages, I feared jealousy would keep them apart.  I mean, with brixton being our first, I’m a stay-at-home mom, and now ingrid may have health issues..  Brixton wouldn’t realize that she needs me just as much as he does, yet I can’t put one before the other.  As their mom, I was completely torn.  So, I did what I had to do…I took them both everywhere.   To all of Ingrid’s doctor appointments,  to play at the park with brixton,  to the coffee shop to recharge my sanity..  we all went..  together.  Always.

In the end, all of our together time has done exactly what I prayed it would.  It created a bond between brixton and ingrid that is beyond impressive.  Its the sweetest thing you can imagine.   At not even 3 years old, brixton is protective of “his baby” and with an adoring demeanor will hold her hand any chance given.  They fall asleep holding hands in their car seats!  No joke.  I know ingrid may be too young to realize how he feels about her, but she isn’t oblivious.   When she looks at her big brother, her eyes light up and her smile continues forever.


All of the prayers I made in my past could never have prepared me for the gifts I (we) was given.  I have a lovely family.   My kids may not be perfect to the world, but their goofiness and love for our family are all I need.  


(So, about the “vacation oops”…  its been a joke in our families for some time that my husband & I couldn’t go on vacation without coming home pregnant.  It happened to us twice.  No worries…that problem was “fixed”!  HAHAHA!!!)