For years I’ve been intrigued by the number thirteen.   It’s considered an, or the, unlucky number.  Not being a superstitious person, I just found the number, or the idea of its power, to be very interesting.  As if a number carried charisma.  Or had a sort of power over the mind.  

At the start of 2013, I felt a slight concern for any possible truth behind the potentially dreadful number.  You see, on New Year’s Eve, I spent the entire day in bed ill.  For the first time that I can remember,  I had cold chills, a fever, horrific cough, and was pregnant.  Feeling the need to be as holistic as possible,  I tried desperately to overcome my flu with vitamins and herbs.  The year would not be off to a great start.  

March proved itself to be unforgettable.  Our daughter was to be born in April, but after a sudden complication, she came 5 weeks early.  At birth, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  The news was shocking, but our fears were for her health.  We knew nothing about her diagnosis.  What would this entail?  Would we be good enough for her?  How would the cruel world treat her?  

Going through the remaining months of 2013, our family has been faced with, what seems like, endless problems.  Our health has, and is currently,  being hit the hardest.  What I can’t seem to grasp is that how our incredibly healthy family has turned into a quarantined-needed-bag-of-yuck!!  Not only is it hard to comprehend,  but its borderline embarrassing.   I pride myself on having healthy kids.  Kids that have excellent immune systems, all without being vaccinated.   Our “bubble” of healthy hasn’t been breached to our knowledge.  So, how does this happen?  

Aside from our health concerns/issues,  I get the feeling that it’s not over yet.  Mid November is not close enough to the end of this nightmare of a year.  As if we care to take on more.  

I can’t say the year has been a disaster as a whole.  Our beautiful daughter was born this year.  We do have blessings to be thankful for.  

But I can say, I’m over it.  I’m ready for something new and positive.  For our family to be able to enjoy ourselves without concern.  We have so many plans for our future that I can’t imagine being held back by needless problems.   I understand that I can’t change all situations to be in our favor, but believe me when I say I’M GOING TO TRY!!  

Last week we were informed of a heart defect that lurks over our daughter.  Sadly, it will not correct itself, but likely get worse over time.  There is a positive prognosis for her type of defect, if there are no significant changes.  Which leads us to now.  Pertussis?!  Really. As if we need this lingering in our house.  But, after my son being misdiagnosed twice, we found out today that pertussis is what haunts the poor kid.  (again..im over it! 2013 needs to end!)  With the upcoming holiday, we are supposed to travel to see family.  With our newly diagnosed house of gross, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.  

So, as a final word, I’m directing my bitterness towards the calendar.  I don’t like you!  Go pick on someone else because I’m kicking you out!  We have too much greatness for you to damper.