I believe myself to be quite realistic in my expectations in life, but recently it seems that I create a plan only to have it squashed or delayed beyond reason.  Frankly,  im growing tired of it.  I know its life and that’s how things go, and that as an adult I should be able to accept change.  But come on, life!  We both know your plan doesn’t coincide with mine, yet I don’t feel that you play fair.  

Needless to say, things in life try to bring us down from our white puffy cloud of happiness and enjoyment.  I’m saying NO from here on.  All I want is simple and happy.  Isn’t that what most people strive for?   I probably sound ungrateful for all the blessings ive been given.  That’s not the case.  I am completely aware of how wonderful my life is.  I thank God every day.  Yet, I still can’t figure out why curveballs get thrown.  

I’ve always said that I want to travel the world, preferably sooner than later.  So, my (amazing!) husband and I began to plan a trip.  Then we decided a family move is going to happen just before this trip is to take place.  Trip is now postponed.  Then our move is pushed back by more than 6 months.  And so is our trip.  Health concerns apparently felt neglected so they decide to appear in the midst of our “plan” starting to make sense.  

Now im not sure what to think, if to continue planning a move/a trip, or just wait to see what life has in store.  

As im writing this I realize this sounds utterly pathetic.  Understand that is not my intent. I guess im seeking insight into why things can’t just go smoothly.  Our family has seen a semi – dramatic, stressful year so far and im praying it ends soon.  

There are circumstances that can be a damper to a great life.  This is what I feel has taken the wind out of my sails.  I can’t change the people who bring negativity into our lives, but I need to change my reactions to them.  I can’t change the health concerns,  yet I can deal with them accordingly and move on.  And I can’t change time, yet I can roll with it and adjust our family plan to fit more appropriately.   That said, I need to change my perspective and focus on the importance of who I am and what I plan to bring to my family, as well as this life.  I haven’t got control of everything.  I don’t know every answer. But I can make any situation turn into something great if I keep my head in reality.  

I shall take the pause in planning to concentrate of whats in front of me and make the best of it.