my 3am.

Here it is..3am and I’m awake for a count of 4 days.  It’s not that I have nothing to do at this ungodly hour, yet being a mama, I find myself awake with ingrid recently asleep on my chest and brixton beside me.  You see, brixton, who has only been sick one other time in his life, is now trying to be rid of a yucky cold.  More like a yucky cold turn yucky croup cough.  So every time he wakes up due to this cough, I’m up.  Then I’m blessed with ingrid who, for some reason lately, has been waking between the hours of 1 and 3am.  

For a moment I was beginning to think they just hate me.. you know, their mama; the one who feeds them, bathes them, etc.  But then I realize its not that.  Its more of a celestial disaster.  Or possibly a time defunk.  Or.. could it be some sort of baby-turned-insomniac-zombie thing.  (Wow.  This 3am stuff is getting to me.)  I’ve got it…its not at all that they hate me, yet that the government has secretly recruited them to become mid-night spies from space!  That’s it.  And its time to rest these eyes of mine until one of these beauties wakes again.  


Nah.. over-rated!  I think ill catch up my blog, pinterest (heaven on the internet! ), facebook (of course), and can’t forget email.  Now that I’ve done all of these things I can rest.  But wait…what if I fall asleep and don’t wake when one of the kids needs me to be coherent?!  Then they really could be the outer space spy children that I didn’t know I had and do harm to the human race.  



I should stay awake.