moving mountains.

As every day moves by we continue to face more decisions.  Trying to decide what would be the best for our family is more complicated than just knowing which direction to go.  I’m referring to location.  We are going to be relocating our family in the near future.   As much as my heart wants to drop all of the needless “extras”, such as belongings, and take us to Europe; is this the best option given our circumstance?  


The passion I have for wanting to be spontaneous and just *go* is being stifled by the responsibility of doing what’s best for Ingrid.  My husband and I agree (after much convincing) that this is the best time for our family to make the drastic move, to begin to show our kids the world, and to start now.  This is what I’ve always wanted.. a partner who will go along with my insane Parisian obsession.  In the meantime, we’ve been given a beautiful daughter who has DS.  As her adoring mama, I have to ensure that no matter where we relocate to, there will be appropriate care for her.  

Its been stated countless times (and those who know me know that I’m relentless) that my life’s goal is to live in or near Paris.   Again, life has decided there could be a better option for us.  Let say…Germany!   It’s a toss-up of cities (Frankfurt or Munich) which is entertaining for someone who has never left the US!  So, now what?!  I’m researching everything I can imagine to ensure the best decision is made.  But I still feel so unprepared.  Are we making the best decision?  What if there is nothing to benefit the kids as I’m hoping for?  Ugh.

I’ve concluded that no matter what we decide, it can’t be bad.  We long for a unique upbringing for our kids.  I want them to have every opportunity available.   For brixton & ingrid to experience things that most kids won’t.  

Oh, just talking about it makes me excited.   The next several months are going to be chaotic,  but we’re ready for it!  Plans are in the works and we are ready to start our adventure!