give me strength!

Brixton.  I begin by saying I love this boy more than I can express.  BUT…when I say the “terrible twos” can not end soon enough, im not exaggerating. 

My husband had surgery yesterday.  That said,  brixton being out-of-control made that an even more joyous experience.  Today is like I have three children.  Im not saying that my husband is childlike,  but after major surgery on a limb, he can’t do much without help.  Back to my point…

Did I mention I love Brixton a ton?!  I do.  And I can sometimes overlook is oober lovely behavior.   The past two days have me wondering what magical powers I typically use to not lose my cool instantly.  You see, he has a, lets say, habit of choosing to ignore me when I talk to him.  Not just when asking him to pick up his toys, stop biting the dog, or please don’t stare at the neighbors.  It’s then and “honey, what would you like to eat”, “do you want to go for a ride with mama”, etc.  Anyhow, the attitude plus ability to ignore any words that I speak is driving me goofy.   So, what to do?!  I’m totally up for suggestions,  yet not sure many of them will be considered good parenting.   (KIDDING!  im only kidding.)  

Then we hear that the so-called terrible twos are nothing in comparison to the third year.  Then I shout to whoever can and will have an honest (and possibly scientific answer) to my question…what did I get myself into???!!!  And I think this as I looking at ingrid being a not-listening, throwing tantrums,  screamer like her brother?!  

Wow.  I love my kids more than life itself.   There are some days when I wish for a tall glass of wine, a lovely book about paris, and maybe even a bubble bath; alone for more than 10 minutes.  Then I realize it will be about 18 years before this happens.  

Please dont take my sarcasm as anything more than a slight venting of a tired mama. These kids are my world.  I can handle all they have to give, I think.  Hahaha..