back at it!

hello there!  It seems like forever since ive written.   here goes a quick (probably not so quick) update on our happenings, then ill most likely add photos.


we did go on our long awaited vacation to the east coast.  this trip was on the fine line of uneventful, yet memorable.  most of our family and friends hadn’t met ingrid prior to the trip so that made for very busy days.  no doubt that all the running around to make sure we saw everyone necessary was quite fun; it also lead to many exhausted nights.  I can’t forget the one aspect that I (intentionally) forgot years ago…humidity.   hate it!  

shortly after reaching our first stop of vacation,  we loaded the kids (& all belongings) in the car for a road trip to the beach.  now the fun begins!  our family, immediate & others,  packed into a lovely beach home for several days.  having our kids at the beach for the first time, waking up on the waterfront,  knowing the sand is steps away…you guessed it…relaxing was not an option for anyone.  

back to the family home for a few days of rest (attempted, at least).  we had our last dinner with our favorite people and were ready to catch a plane back to the desert until I decided to extend our trip a few days.  see, I’m a super lucky gal..I still have (had) 3 grandparents left.  but my gram had better plans.  she was ready to go.  ready to be with my grandpap again, in heaven.  my beautiful gram, aka nanny, was one of the most graceful ladies I know.  her kindhearted nature attracted so many.  and I, along with my brother and 2 cousins, got to call her our grandmother.  

after my husband and I decided it was more important to spend as much time with nan as possible, the next evening was the highlight of the trip…   nan hadn’t spoken in years.  she rarely knew who we were.  over a period of many, many years her health had slowly deteriorated.  the next day we went to the nursing home to visit nan and she was awake.  that isn’t the best part..  she didn’t have a look of confusion at all.. she looked like nan!  we took brixton and ingrid to her bedside and she seemed to understand the love we all have for her again.   my mom put ingrid beside nan and nan kissed her head!  this may seem like no big deal to anyone, but this was huge for our family.  our grandmother seemed to understand that those little ones hugging her were her great grandkids!  everyone in the room was teary.  then, nan had a tear roll down her cheek.  it broke my heart to feel that she knows who we are and that we’ll probably not see her again.  almost as if she knew this was the end of our time together.  a few days later we flew home.  nan was ready to rest.  she passed away 2 days later.  

vacation was unique this year.  we lost a remarkable woman, but we got to see her at her best in years.  ill cherish that evening forever.  it was a vacation to remember.

Love you, nan!!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your nan, but I’m also glad you have a special moment to remember before she was gone. A similar thing happened when my gram was about to pass.. I went to see her in he nursing home. She also was extremely disoriented and could barely talk. She grabbed my hand and felt my engagement ring an said “Annie you are getting married?” I said yes gram. This was amazing because she barely made sense. She suddenly relaxed and sat back in her chair and a year came to her eye and she said I love you. I said I love u too gram.. Those were the last words we spoke she died a week or so later and I’m so happy they were….after years of watching her suffer she made sense:). There is no one like your grandmother in this world.