champagne taste.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about Coco Chanel. I don’t know all there is to know of the style icon, yet I do know this…her idea of life is champagne and fabulousness. I’ll be the first to say there is nothing wrong either of those. You know, if it weren’t for my lack of millions of dollars, severe suicidal fashion victim(ness) and living in the desert; we’d totally be as one! Okay, so that is as far from reality that I can possibly get, but here is something I can relate to. The love and lust for Paris. So, Chanel originated in Paris, right? I can see how this would lead to a fashion icon. Also, the life of luxury..not only the ability to experience anything you could want or imagine, but to see luxury in even the simple things and make them rich. (I’m not talking money.)

Today I read a column regarding a similar thought. It was in my favorite publication, Lucky magazine (September 2013). The author, Jean Godfrey-June, writes on how to have a “Chanel weekend”. Great!! But, wait…to have this said “Chanel weekend” I would be able to go to Paris (with no children attached) to eat wild strawberries and bathe in Chanel No 5.
Sign me up!!! Then reality sets in. Not only can I not drop my kids for a weekend to bathe in luxury, but going to Paris for 36 hours is not an option in my life. Yeah, I want to go to Paris!! But I do need to consider the life I live and the truth behind what I consider luxury. Eating wild strawberries, yum. I can do that here. Bathing in expensive perfume, no thank you. Back to where I see whats important. You know how my desire to experience Paris is laying on my heart. My idea of luxury in a french vacation is not that of 36 hours of pampering. Its to take the kids with my husband & I to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time; or to visit a quaint cafe and eat macaroons and enjoy delectable hot chocolate, with my family.

So, you see I don’t live a life of high heels and champagne brunches, but I can live a life of my own version of luxuries. I do this every day. I spend the majority of my day reading fairytales and covered in drool. These are my luxuries. I adore every moment. The chapters of our lives will continue to amaze me and remind me of why I want this life, as opposed to champagne and wild strawberries. I get to drink soy lattes from home, all while holding my two babies cuddled on the couch in our comfortable pajamas.

My lap of luxury is probably different from what most consider to be great. Thats okay. One day (soon, I hope!) we will travel to Paris to enjoy their finer things and I will do it with my kids in tow.

I can’t wait.
(By the way, brixton knows and loves the Eiffel Tower!)