words can’t explain..

For the past week or more I’ve planned to tell you about the different recipes ive recently made. As of last night ive decided there is something else that’s too important to postpone.

By now its well-known that our daughter has down syndrome. Before she was born I knew very little about the disorder. Every day im learning something new about her and downs. But last night I realized something just as special.. all of the people that surround us, whether by close vicinity or not, that have huge hearts for children that are different. I’ve noticed friends and family advocating for the beauty of all special needs children. This may have been happening prior to our situation (hate to say it that way, but im lacking a better phrase), I am only recently seeing it from all across the board.

So, I now find myself having a new respect for those who have previously showed interest or care. I see that it’s truly sincere. If I dismissed you before, I apologize. My intention has been to protect my daughter (& son) from those who feel “different” individuals are less than them. Having a harden heart towards anyone I suspected to have a false sincerity would be my downfall. Sometimes (ive been guilty as well) people say things to make you feel better about a new or different situation. I guess, initially, I felt that to be our case. Again, I now see that ive been harsh. People really do care. They really do see the love we have for our daughter to be the same as our love for her brother.

Hats off, world! I’m pleased to see Ingrid grow up surrounded by such wonderful people. Thank you!