soup on a hot day.

i’ve probably said this before, but i’ll say it again.. i love to cook and try new recipes. last week i wanted to make something that i’ve never attempted before, yet a classic recipe. potato soup. i have never been a die-hard fan of potato soup, but it seemed like a good venture from our normal.

let me set the stage for our soup day.. it’s over 100 degrees outside and i’m in the kitchen making potato soup and baking a coconut creme cake. the house temperature was at about 74 degrees, yet felt like it was close to 85-90. cooking on the stove top and baking a cake in the i see this as a dumb idea.

when my husband came home from work that afternoon, he immediately said how wonderful the house smelled. the soup was just about ready to eat and the cake was in the fridge. we ate dinner shortly after and it was delicious!! i had impressed myself with how well the soup had tasted. (to be quite honest it was a no-fail recipe)

i got the original recipe from a website. i did make a few minor adjustments to the recipe, because that’s just how i like to cook. the recipe was pretty basic. it called for potatoes (obviously!), bacon, onion, dill weed, chicken broth, flour, half & half, evaporated milk, and salt & pepper to taste. i followed all of the listed steps. towards the end of the process i added a bit of creole seasoning and shredded mexican cheese. these two extras added a ton of tangy flavor to the already tasty soup. when i served the soup, i added another pinch of the shredded cheese on top. yum, yum!!

after dinner we had the coconut creme cake. i completely cheated on this recipe. typically, i like to cook recipes from scratch. this time, i made a cake from a box. i know, i know..boxed foods are full of yucky ingredients. in my defense..i had a craving for coconut, yet didn’t have time to cook the “real” thing.
so, i made the classic white cake as the directions required. after the cake had cooled completely, i poked it full of holes with a fork. i made french vanilla pudding (again, from a box) and poured it onto the cake. i used the back side of a spoon and moved the pudding around to coax it into soaking into the cake. then, i put the cake in the fridge to set for about an hour. during this time, i put together the topping. i took a whole tub of whipped cream & 3/4 of a bag of chopped coconut and mix them together. i covered the entire cake with the coconut whipped cream topping and put it back in the fridge for about another hour, until it was time to for dessert. let me just say, yes, i cheated with all the boxed ingredients, but it was SO good! whether it was made this way or from scratch, this cake was TO. DIE. FOR!!! (one tid bit..the recipe made so much we had leftover cake for days!)

i haven’t decided on my next cooking adventure, but i’m thinking something european. if you have any suggestions, please let me know.