a calming effect.

as with everyone, our lives have been so busy lately. from moving into our new house, starting a new semester, appointments, etc.. it seems to never let up. i think we may be on the verge of a calm break. at least for now. in just a few weeks, we’ll be back to busy.

just over a week ago we moved into our new house. the house is beautiful. we love the extra space that we’ve gained in this house. the only differences we’ve noticed that could be a bit of a bore is the lack of storage space and the seriously dim lighting. who would’ve guessed that two little things could make such a big difference. the lighting was one that actually made us laugh. on our first night of having the keys to the house, we were moving our belongings in, only to notice that with the lights on it almost seems brighter outside! you could probably have gotten better results from a flashlight! i had to laugh. it had been such a long, exhausting day and to end it in near darkness was humorous.

the lack of storage didn’t seem to have so much of an impact on us…at first. we knew there was less storage, but it didn’t matter at the time. until we moved in and realized we had more stuff than places to hide it. in our last house we had an insane amount of storage space. (not to say that we weren’t still overloaded with clutter!) it helped disguise the amount of useless junk we insist on keeping. at the new house, this should be a call to purge. one would think that was the best idea. not for my husband. he just moved everything into the garage. there is no bad-mouthing about him or his stuff, but my philosophy is that if you haven’t used it, worn it, or thought about it in one year, its time to let it go. but in his garage, i’m going to go out on a limb to say, he has too much stuff that he hasn’t touched in many years & needs a new home (outside of mine.)

moving on.. my summer semester of college started last week, just 3 days after our move. it feels good to back in class. if it weren’t for online classes, i probably wouldn’t get to do this. i look forward to completing my degree sometime in the future.

its now time for calm. for our lives to start to relax and enjoy the ride while we can. life never seems to slow down enough. or maybe we just don’t know how to make it slow down long enough to enjoy what we have in front of us today. i think this needs to be my new lifestyle. i don’t feel the need for constant chaos, yet i want to smell the flowers and play with the kids. feeling overwhelmed or stressed isn’t for me. i want to be free of that and have fun at anything i can. lets laugh more! heck, watching our son and his crazy antics, that’ll make you smile. unless you go to dinner with him. he always seems to have hit his wall of doom at restaurants. i feel bad for those around us while brixton is screaming and most likely throwing food. yeah, fun times! (if you see us out to eat, RUN!)

for the next few weeks, i’m implementing that new ideal. enjoy my family and live for the fun times. as if everyday is my birthday (if you know me, i celebrate the entire month of my birthday). and i expect cake! ha! no seriously, i don’t, but i do want to have more fun. the stressful times should be behind us for the time being. before i know it, it’ll be time for birthday parties and family visits.

homework is calling. must go become smarter!