there isn’t a day that’s gone by for several years that i haven’t spoken to my mom at least once. until i was an adult i never considered my mom a friend, but i couldn’t live without her.

she isn’t just my mother, she is one of my best friends. she is my supporter. she is my sounding board. she is my rock.

my mom will never see herself as i do. when i think if her (3000 miles away), i think of the best grandma my kids could have and the one person i know i can tell anything to without judgement. i have been blessed with the best mom in the world. i hope my kids say the same about me when they’re older. then maybe she’ll see how much she taught me through the years. about how to be a good listener, a great friend, but most importantly…the best mom.

she is amazing. i am truly blessed!

she won’t approve of my next course of action, but that’s okay…i’m used to being the “bad kid”.

here she is…

(this photo is several years old, but its myself and my beautiful mom.)