when it rains, it…

when it rains, it pours. or should i say it storms?! life has been rather chaotic lately. there won’t be many complaints about everything going on, but i could use a vacation sometime soon.

this week we are moving into our new house. its exciting to be going into a house that will suit our family better. the extra space alone will be more than helpful. but moving is never fun. as much as i look forward to setting up another house, i don’t look forward to the packing & unpacking. too bad this move won’t be done by a moving company. maybe next time.

other than the move, we have also been blessed with some unruly kids. brixton is exercising his terrible twos in an extreme way. if it’s not due to being tired, or a variety of other reasons, i am at a loss of what could cause this joyous boy to go from mama’s perfect angel to satan’s spawn in a millisecond!
my step-daughter, who is a teenager, is…a teenager. enough said.
i will never say one child is more special to me than the other, but at 9 weeks old, ingrid takes the trophy today. she’s cute, mild-mannered, and so easy to get along with. possibly because she doesn’t talk yet, i don’t know, but i’ll take what i can get these days. love my kids!! truly do.

then i have the beginning of my next semester starting in a few days. i am prepared with the class materials, but not mentally prepared to get back into school-mode. time is running out and i am completely aware of this. unfortunately, my tired brain doesn’t seem to care.

among all of these chaotic beauties, i have been considering going back to work. not that i want the outlet of adult conversation, or a paycheck. i think its more to reassure myself that i have drive to be what i want to be ‘when i grow up’. recently, i mentioned the idea to my husband & it wasn’t received with open arms. we had decided a long time ago that if finances allowed for it, i would stay home to raise our kids. i am lucky enough to have been granted the opportunity to stay home with them, but sometimes i feel like i need to be more productive. or purposeful. ugh..whatever.

this about sums up the past week of my life. i love it. i really can’t or won’t complain about life. its supposed to be crazy. i mean, that is in the unwritten handbook of having a husband & kids, right?! its great. i’m just tired.

on a much lighter note.. we met with ingrid’s pediatrician today. she has gained an additional pound & 1/2 in three weeks. now, this may not seem impressive to some, but it is a mountain of good news for us. we will soon be starting occupational & physical therapy to work on her balance and muscle strength. she is still proving doctors wrong. its great!

after a day like today, i could really use a nanny, a vacation, and a moving company. oh, don’t forget the bottle of red elektra wine. this makes all things bearable. (totally kidding!!)