co-sleeping. #3

it’s already known that i’m a fan of co-sleeping. brixton, our almost 2 year old, is working on sleeping in his own bed. but now i’m at a point of not knowing what to do.

he is doing very well at sleeping in his own bed, but as of recently, he’s been coming to our bed earlier every night. i think he’s having nightmares. last night would be a good example..he came to our bed around 1:00 am, fell asleep right away, but shortly after started whimpering & flailing his arms as if he was scared. although i’m totally fine with him coming to our bed at any time of night, it does concern me that he is that upset while sleeping. other than reassuring him that he is okay and mama & daddy are near, i don’t know how else to help him.

to make matters worse, we’re about to move into our new house. in the new house, we’ve considered putting his bed in his own room. we’re trying to make the transition special by telling him that he is going to have his own room with his toys, his bed, etc. sometimes he seems excited and others he doesn’t want it. not sure if this is a good idea. at what point is change too much for little ones to handle? he just got a baby sister, starting to sleep in his own bed, and now we’re moving to a new house. just a little concerned.

back to my point. for the past month or so, brixton has been waking from a sound sleep in tears. as a mom, i hate that. it’s very bothersome for me to see him that upset and not know why. not sure if there is anything we’ve done or are doing that is contributing to this. hope not. could it be that he has a new sister? we already know that jealousy among siblings is quite strong. there was a huge hope of avoiding this. i mean, really, brixton was always the coolest kid. then he got closer to age two and gained a baby sister. now he’s embarked on a temper tantrum stage and i think jealousy has taken its hold. maybe this is whats causing the nightmares. maybe not. we have no idea.

we’ll just continue to be patient and keep working with him. he is amazing and i know he’ll be fine in the end.