Ing the conqueror

this is the name my brother has given to ingrid. its pretty fitting since she has overcome many of the “challenges or obstacles” that doctors say she should face. we’ve heard so many reasons why we should expect for her to have a somewhat difficult life. as of yet, i have no reason to believe any of it. ingrid has proven to be one of the toughest little girls i’ve ever encountered.

since she was born we have had countless doctor appointments with multiple doctors and 3 overnight hospital visits. this hasn’t changed even as of this week. she keeps showing everyone that she is much more exceptional than anyone could’ve imagined. over the past few weeks, we have seen her GI doctor regarding her liver. i am happy to report that i received a phone call a few days ago stating that any suspicion of her liver not working properly is over. her latest lab tests show that her liver is working just fine. thank goodness!

then there is the “thyroid” problem. or what we were told. come to find out ingrid has been over-medicated for the past few weeks by a local pediatric endocrinologist for a thyroid issue that she doesn’t seem to have. i found this to be more than frustrating seeing as though the doctor wanted to medicate my baby without talking to me or seeing her. at the time this happened she was 3 weeks old & in the hospital…again. needless to say, we will not be seeing this doctor ever again. i will not accept laziness from a doctor that is caring for my child. i expect the best and someone who has her absolute best at heart, just as i do.

among all the doctors we’ve seen, everyone keeps suggesting that we join a support group for parents of DS kids. at first i considered the idea, but i’ve since become hesitant. i’m not convinced this will make her’s or our lives any better. we do have a child with DS, and i’m fine with that. but i don’t see her as a child with any impairment or disability. at least not at this stage in her life. she doesn’t have the physical ailments that are associated with DS. so, can i really relate to other parents of the same children? i’m afraid i’ll meet these people and feel guilty for the beautiful gift we’ve been given, yet others are struggling. i don’t want that. i want to embrace her for who she is and how imperfect we all are. i want to fill her life with endless possibilities and show her that no matter how hard today may seem, tomorrow will be full of sunshine & rainbows. that there are more important parts of life than her “challenges”, like catching lightning bugs on a summer night or having a picnic in the yard. whatever it may be, i don’t want her to feel that her life is about DS. it’s not. it’s about her.

all in all, we’ve had an astounding few weeks when it comes to ingrid’s health. she has gained a substantial amount of weight and is as healthy as she should be. she is our little champ. hence the nickname..Ing the conqueror! (thanks, is quite appropriate.)