today is a cleaning day at my house. we have someone coming to the house this week & it needs a good cleaning. that said, i like to have background noise while doing so. this time i, unfortunately, turned on the tv. it’s on the movie friends with benefits. i never have nor ever will be an expert at choosing movies, but i have to say this movie is one of the worst i’ve seen. i haven’t sat down to watch the film, but have seen bits & pieces of it in passing through the living room. typically, i have music playing (and a large iced coffee) to get me moving. this time i chose differently because brixton is napping.

there is no credit to my name stating that i choose “good” movies. i usually don’t agree with film critics anyhow. maybe i like poorly made films? if so, it suits me well because i tend to enjoy most of the films that “experts” rate to be horrible. either way, the film currently playing in my house is not on my list. i mean really, if i need to watch 90 minutes of sex scenes based around people who really don’t need to be doing the deed to begin with, i’ll rent a porno!! people, don’t let your kids be in the vicinity if this is on tv. bad!

enough of my opinions. maybe it is time to turn the ipod on with some dropkick murphy’s or nick cave. that will help my cleaning groove…and it won’t burn the ears (or eyes) of anyone under 18 years old. ha!

by the way, with an entire house to clean & laundry to catch up on, i’m not making much progress. i’m blogging instead!! must clean house!