medusa, the octopus

yeah, if only. sometimes i feel like i need to be a little bit of both, medusa and an octopus. i need eight arms/hands and the ability to turn people/things into stone when the mood strikes me right.

i have two kids close in age, but i have no idea how any mom of twins (or more!) does it on a daily basis. i am trying very hard to keep up with my son, at 21 months, and our little girl, at 5 weeks. seems like just when i have a minute to tend to one child, the other starts to cry. god forbid, go to the bathroom or attempt a shower in peace. i love being a mom and i adore my kids more than any breath i’ll ever take. having the time to do anything productive is sometimes a challenge. okay, more than sometimes. before i had any kids, i’d hear friends or family talk about how time consuming it is to raise kids. i had no idea how true this was until i had my own.

tonight i had a moment of frustration when it comes to this topic. not only is brixton crying because he’s not allowed to do whatever he wants, ingrid is vomiting, and so is the dog! all while i’m trying to make dinner. (here’s my tiny disclaimer to my husband…if you read this, don’t be offended. its my blog and i can tell on you if i want! love you!!!) and my husband is sitting on the couch watching tv! okay, so dinner is now on hold while i give ingrid a quick bath. the dog has vomited several times in about a 20 minute span, and brixton is just crabby. here’s where i need to be an octopus. when i get to the frustrated point of having to “ask” for help, that’s when i need to be medusa. i’m sure i shot out a few good looks to kill.

it didn’t take long from then on that i had help in making dinner while i washed ingrid from her nasty smell. everyone seemed to want to help from that point on. maybe its the sleep deprivation that has me, lets say, on edge. maybe its just that because i am currently a stay-at-home mom everyone thinks i do nothing all day. whatever the case, i’m sticking to the claim that this is not 1950. it is not my responsibility to solely raise the kids, take care of the house, or finish college (okay, this one is all one me).

anyhow, my rant is complete. i feel quite a bit better. i say this smiling because i know that any parent that reads this will be able to relate in some way. there isn’t a parent in this world that doesn’t feel like they’re being pulled in many directions, all while needing much more sleep than they’ll actually get in a week’s time.

stay strong moms! be medusa if necessary. or be the octopus that you already are. either way, enjoy those kids!

by the way, i will be returning to school in just a couple of weeks. apparently, i feel the need to add to my plate of chaos and sleepless nights. i’m loving every minute of it!!