ready or is happening

wow. lately we’ve been faced with so many new things in our lives its crazy. i can’t complain about any one of them. we have the potential to experience new adventures with our family, if we choose to do so given the right opportunity. you’ve all heard me say that i really want to go to europe. as in move there some day. unfortunately, that isn’t one of the cool options we’re being presented with these days. that’s okay, though. it will happen. for now, we need to decide whats best with what we’re given.

among all the new ideas that we get to toss around, i’m also thinking of how to get back to work. i’ll be starting classes again soon, but want to start working also. i started this blog to test myself. i wanted to see if i had what it takes to keep it going, learn how to maneuver it, and remain interested (or interesting!). i have begun to love the “need” to write. i get to think of things going on in my life, and in the world, to talk about. being that i want to write for my career, after working on this, i want to do more. i want to work as a writer! using this to my advantage will benefit my future, whether it’s in journalism or not. funny thing is, writing is always something i’ve wanted to do, yet wasn’t sure i could.
my writing really isn’t anything new. well, at least not in the same context. i love that i can potentially do this from no matter where i am. i can write at home, on the beach, in an office..anywhere!! it could be like working for myself. this could be great!!

when we found out ingrid could possibly be faced with some challenges ahead in her life, a conversation arose between my husband and myself. how do we ensure she has the best care, in home or not, if we’re both working on our careers? my first reaction was to work from home. this made me available to her at all times. that made me think.. yeah, this will work. i can do what i like, write, and do it from home. i can be there for her and brixton, and still do what i love. (granted i need more practice!)

which brings me to where we are now. my husband has been presented with a few new ideas for his (and our) future. weighing the pros and cons of those different options, we can’t really come up with too many cons for any of them. again, not complaining, but that doesn’t really help in making a decision. regardless, any decision making process changes when you have multiple people to consider, their wants & needs, and your future as a whole. i’m sure whatever is decided will be great. if not, we can change it, right?! that’s the great thing about this life…everything can be changed to better ourselves, for ourselves and our families.

i’ve seen it written many times before, if you’re not happy with your life, change it. that isn’t exactly fitting in my life, but it does make sense. no matter what we do, we can mold it to better us or change it. either way, as long as we’re happy together, i can’t ask for more.