uh, okay.

Well, today was Ingrid’s appointment with the GI specialist. I left there feeling more confused and uneasy than I felt before.

Her weight is coming along beautifully. At least we thought so. The doctor apparently thought otherwise. He wasn’t impressed with her 5oz weight gain in 5 days. It was suggested that we take a new route to ensure a larger weight gain. It is something my husband and I, both, are unsure of. After returning home, I called her pediatrician..the person who has been involved with her care since her birth. The specialist wants me to feed Ingrid an absurd amount of formula every two hours. As her mother I say..no. I feel that this will only make her stomach over full & cause her to vomit. How will this aide in her weight gain?! (For those.of you that don’t know me personally…I’m very skeptical of doctors. I typically ask for several opinions before I do anything.).
So, I did just that. I called her pediatrician, my mother, and a nurse who works for a pediatrician. I can’t just assume.that a doctor who has seen our daughter one time in the hospital knows what is best for her. Right or wrong, after speaking to those whose opinions I value (and know my kid!), I’m choosing to not follow his advise 100%. I will adjust her feedings a bit, but not to the point of overkill.

That was not the only aspect to today’s visit. He did inform us that her liver is functioning normally and as of now, she has no issues.

All in all, I can’t complain. We have a beautiful little girl who is continuously beating the odds. We are two lucky parents.