late night thoughts..

Just a few thoughts to keep everyone in-the-know..

Tomorrow, Ingrid has an appointment with a pediatric GI specialist. This is a follow-up from her last inpatient visit to the hospital. There is a suspicious elevation in her liver function.
Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers for a good report. She deserves a break!

To touch base on the lavender hair color. I did it & LOVE it. The only downfall is that in two weeks, the color has almost completely faded out. I can’t complain about the color I’m left with. It’s a pretty platinum blonde. A second attempt at lavender will be made in another two weeks.

Lastly, it seems that our house is finally cleared of the nasty stomach virus. We passed it to each member of the family, including extended family, without getting Ingrid sick. Not sure how we got so lucky, but we did.

So long for tonight. I’ll update tomorrow after her appointment.