continuing the fun.

Lately our lives have been somewhat hectic. I’ll never complain about the life I’ve been given, especially the beautiful kids I have, the amazing man I married, and the supportive people around us. But given what we have makes me appreciate all we have and the great life we can make of it. So, I’ve decided (without talking it over with my husband..) that we need to make every effort to show ourselves and our kids the most amazingly, fun times they could imagine. There’s no better time to start than now…

This morning in church I was thinking of where to start. We are in the midst of some life changing situations these days. Not that any of those situations will be bad, just different from what we’re used to. As a “responsible” adult, I should probably wait to see where these situations lead us, but that’s no fun.

Our kids are small and I know what people will say…”they won’t remember”. Who cares?! If theyre growing in a lifestyle of being accustomed to change and acceptance, I’m starting now. I want to move to europe!! Yeah, our baby girl is going to face some possible challenges with her diagnosed Down Syndrome. And we will make the best of it wherever we are. I want them to see the world and everything it has to offer.

In about 3 years, we will have the opportunity to make the firm decision of where we will go from Arizona. Because of my severe need to explore Europe, I want nothing more than to do this with my family. We can have the beat of both as a family and learn a new culture. I’m loving the idea.

I had always imagined I’d make France my first stop. After some consideration, I think we should go to england.
Regardless, my family needs a fresh take on our new life together and a change of scenery seems like a perfect first step.

Happy Easter!