the kindness of strangers.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been shown an overwhelming amount of compassion, care, and kindness. There hadn’t been a day since Ingrid was born that we haven’t heard how beautiful our family is and how amazing she is. To hear all of these kind words from family & friends is appreciated, but to hear similar words from acquaintances or strangers makes me realize we’re not the only ones who think our daughter is our perfect gift.

From the hospital staff, to the team of doctors, to the coworkers of family..we’ve been blessed to be surrounded by extraordinary people.

I never thought is have a reason to say that strangers were so caring, but they are. I won’t limit that to strangers…the people in our lives have been great as well.

So, thank you for the phone calls, cards, gifts, kind words, etc. You all have made our hearts smile!!!