she has arrived!

as of now you all know that our daughter arrived much earlier than expected. she was delivered at 35 weeks.

over the weekend i wasn’t feeling well so i went to see my midwife. i was advised that everything was okay and the baby shouldn’t come before the next two weeks. good, because i wasn’t really ready. the day continued as normal..we went to dinner with family and came home to relax for the remainder of the night.
at 2:30am i was awaken from a sound sleep by severe contractions. this continued until around 6:10am. just a little insight as to why i didn’t call the midwife sooner..i had been having contractions since the middle of december. contractions weren’t new for me. however, this time was different. i consulted the “when to call the birth center” sheet to see what i should look for with the contractions. timing was not on my side that night. it said for your second baby, call when the contractions were 4-6 minutes apart. mine were not consistent at all. their timing made no sense.
anyhow, at around 6:10am i rolled over in bed & thought my water broke. i jumped up & saw blood. needless to say, i was panicked from that moment on. my husband took me to the hospital and we were advised, after a thorough exam, that my placenta had detached & the baby had to be delivered.

my “plan” of a natural birth was not going to happen. our midwife consulted with an OB surgeon to decide what the best course of action should be. they suggested that i consider having a c-section because of the amount of blood i had lost. my husband & i talked about it, trying to decide. really there wasn’t much to decide. if this is whats best for our daughter to have a chance of survival, then let’s do it. i had to have an epidural whether i did the c-section immediately or wanted to try waiting it out. i know that sounds odd..waiting it out. the surgeon and our midwife felt that if the bleeding had stopped, there was a chance i could still have a normal delivery.

luckily for us, the decision made itself. the bleeding had slowed down enough that i was able to have a normal delivery and 14 hours later, our daughter was born.

this was not the delivery i had ever expected to have. not only was it incredibly early at 35 weeks, now our daughter is at risk of a variety of possible troubles. all i can say is..GOD had his hands on us throughout this entire ordeal.
the delivery was normal and our daughter was born healthy!! i couldn’t ask for a better end to a horrible start on that day.

two days later, we were home. our kids are healthy and happy, i have the most supportive husband ever, and we have the rest of our lives together. i couldn’t be a happier mama!

..and thank you to everyone for saying prayers for myself & our daughter. it means the world to know that we are surrounded by loving individuals.