did you ever notice the fine line between reality and your dreams that you know are attainable, yet seem so far away? that’s how my want and/or need to be in france makes me feel. since childhood i’ve wanted to move to paris, eat at quaint cafes, and wander around the city swooning over the Eiffel tower. this is completely possible and will someday be my reality. but in the meantime every time i watch a movie set in france or read a book, the need to be there feels more intense. the same goes for ireland, england, germany, and many other amazing spots.

to make matters worse, i’ve been reading books about fashion in paris. if you’ve ever wondered how to make your life more french and you haven’t read Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, you definitely should. it is an excellent book with many fine tips. a great read. another helpful aspect of the book is it not only gives details of french fashion, but it is loaded with ideas of where to shop, kid-friendly activities, museums, etc. really, it’s a great book!

quite a few years ago i was given another book as a gift. it’s called Entre Nous; A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl by Debra Ollivier. this book not only let’s the reader into the inside take on french lifestyle, but it also gives a bit of background of why france is very cultured. it stems back for generations. read it!

tradition is such a integral part of european lifestyle. if you look at why some things are done to such detail and others are done so simply, it always seems to have begun many years prior to the time by family that had done the same things for classic reasons. now this is a way to live. living for a meaning, not just because its comfortable is unique. it’s not something that people in this decade seem to care about. maybe we should take tips from the previous generations more seriously. take into consideration that they live for health, happiness, family, and enjoyment rather than money, free benefits, and whatever is easiest. working for a living is one thing, but if you don’t enjoy what you do, why do it?! don’t complain, change it. sit back, have a glass of fine wine, a simple and lengthy dinner, and remember why we are put on this earth. if we can’t enjoy life, its pointless. there are so many stressors in our daily lives that we should minimize the ones we can. don’t make our days more complicated than necessary.

i don’t have the inside track from anyone in europe. i don’t know what the general population thinks and how they feel about their lives, but i don’t think they live their lives to be stressed or unenjoyable.

my goal in this life is to not worry about the things that i can not change, but to live for the life i want for myself and my kids, and make every day more enjoyable than the last.

my husband gave me a pendant that says “i love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow”, in french. its romantic. and the french writing makes it more beautiful.

until next time.. enjoy life!