on a mission.

i know there are other mothers out there who can relate to what i’m about to talk about.. feeling like a frumpy mom. i’ve gone through this feeling off and on throughout the past year or so. lately its been horrible. so, i’ve made it my mission, pregnant & waddling, to start a transformation to get back to my old self. there is nothing i miss more than looking “pretty”. before we had kids, i worked in a job that required me to dress up every day. this seemed mundane at times, but now that i almost always live in sweat pants & t-shirts, i miss those days. i had a reason to, not only shower, but to fix my hair & wear make-up daily. now, fixing my hair & wearing make-up seem like a waste of product if i know i’m too busy at home to leave the house.

i do feel regretful for my husband. he comes home every day for lunch to see us & i’m lucky to have showered by this time. when we met, our lives were completely different. i feel that i’ve put everything i have into raising our son (and soon-to-be daughter) that i’ve really let myself look..ordinary. that’s not okay with me. granted, my husband will never tell me that i have, indeed, let go of myself. and he will almost always say i look beautiful no matter what, but i don’t feel this way.

my mission has started. today i got a much-needed haircut. this weekend i’ll be “prettifying” myself with new hair color. plus, i’ve already begun working on my healthy eating/work-out schedule once the baby has arrived. i have a plan. and i have all the reasons behind me to get this all done in a timely manner.
we have decided that we are more than happy with the two babies that we’ve been given. we are not having any more. that being said, i want to get back into shape & stay that way. after having my son, i wasn’t overly enthused to lose the weight and tone-up. we knew we wanted another baby and we wanted them somewhat close in age. we got what we wanted and now its time to get back to being me.

please don’t think i’m not happy with my life or being a mom. i couldn’t ask for anything better. actually, i have a great life! a terrific husband, a beautiful son, a baby girl coming soon, and the ability to stay home with my kids as i watch them grow. this is the story book life that i never thought i could have. no regrets, no complaints. i have it all!!

priorities change as we get older and life changes our mindset. i’m up for any challenge that life has to put in front of me. i look forward to it. and i’ll do it with make-up on, a good head of hair and toned-up body!!
(maybe i’m wishful thinking, but a girl needs goals, right?!) 🙂