road trip.

today was my last road trip before the new baby arrives. it seemed like an okay idea at first. I got the ‘ok’ from my midwife that it’s still safe to travel outside of our area. we got up early and headed out. all was good. after a two-hour drive, sitting on high school bleachers to watch a cheerleading competition, and a fussy little boy, I was ready to give up. it was a long day already and it was just past lunch.
needless to say, I’m thankful for the chance to get away for a day, but I completely regret it. sitting in a car, sitting on wooden bleachers, then *bright idea*…let’s go shopping! yep, the regret has taken over.

now, its 12 hours later and we’re on our way back home. my PSA to any pregnant woman thinking a last road trip will be fun…don’t. it is definitely fun in theory, but seriously uncomfortable. I totally loved time with my family and the shopping was great. online shopping will have to be enough for a while.

everything was okay for the most part. I did get a bit concerned after the cheer competition though. I was so achy and miserable that I could have cried. if any of you know me, you know i hate to cry. hate it! but it was very possible earlier today.

lesson learned. I need to listen to my body better. I knew this trip had the potential to be too harsh on my body. it really was.

home to bed I go.