co-sleeping. part two.

as you already know, we are co-sleeping parents. we’re on a mission to get our son to sleep in his own bed before the birth of our daughter in a few weeks. he is doing remarkable! i do have some set backs with the whole thing though. i am at the end of this pregnancy and there are many nights when he doesn’t want to go to sleep at, what we think is a decent hour.

last night would be a perfect example. after our son was asleep for about 45 minutes, my husband & i were laughing and i accidentally woke him up. this has happened in the past, but he always goes right back to sleep. not this time. he was awake for over an hour. every time i thought he was asleep, i’d go back to bed and there he was..looking at me over the side of his bed. i didn’t mind at first since i am the reason he was awake. after too many minutes of up & down, back & forth, trying to get him to sleep again, i gave up. i put him in our bed and we both went to sleep.

although, he loves his big boy bed and sleeps very well in it, this mama can’t help but need some sleep these days.
another part of it is..he’s still my baby!! sometimes he just needs held and loved. i can’t not do this for him, if it’s what soothes him. i believe he’s starting to realize something is about to change in our lives and he isn’t sure what it is. how do i explain to a 20 month old that he’s going to be a big brother? he knows mama’s belly is a called “baby”, but he doesn’t know what “baby” is.

my mother has a possible solution. buy him his own baby (doll). at first i wasn’t sure about this, but why not?! if he can relate to what “baby” really means, as opposed to my belly, then maybe this isn’t a bad idea. in this whole process of growing our family and learning how to deal, i’m concerned that he will feel left out. i may not be able to by-pass this, but i don’t want him to feel jealous. so, in my mom’s solution of a baby doll, it was mentioned that he could hold his baby when i’m holding our new he sits beside me. this could work!

back to the co-sleeping part. yes, he is partially sleeping in his bed at night. his bed is in our bedroom. we have a bedroom for him, but i don’t want his transition to his own bed to be traumatic for him. he’s never slept in a room alone. when he does nap, in his bed, i leave the door open & baby monitor on, so he can come out of the room once he awakes. i feel this is a pretty good set-up, given the situation.

all i can say is he’s proud of his bed and i’m proud of his independence. i can only hope that he doesn’t take a step backwards in being a new big brother. her arrival is just a few short weeks away…


  1. Kari on February 21, 2013 at 6:27 pm

    Hey Dear. I can ask one of my friends who had a similar situation how she handled it. I remember her saying that he was really good when the baby started to cry, partly because it scared him or just threw him off. She said the hardest part was when he didn’t understand that she couldn’t just put the baby down. He’s a smart boy, he’ll adjust.

    • mama explorer on February 23, 2013 at 9:58 am

      Sure, thank you! I think he’ll be fine, but advise from others is always helpful. Especially in my unfamiliar territory.

  2. RiceysWifey on February 21, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    I have four children, two of which were 13months apart in age. I too was worried about my “baby” becoming a “big brother”. I also toyed with the idea of buying him a “baby doll” however, when we did he promptly threw it on the floor. This put me of in the end what if he thought he could do this to the “real” baby when he arrived. However you decide to go ahead with the transition i wish you all the best on the arrival of you’re big boys baby sister.