new orleans.

a few years ago, i went to new orleans with a friend. it was my first time in the city, not her’s, so she planned everything. before i go any farther…i love to try new things. and i love spooky stuff. but i got WAY more than i bargained for. see, my dear friend can handle spooky much better than i can. she booked our stay at a gorgeous hotel that is known to be haunted. it was so old and so pretty. i was more than happy to stay the week there. until i found out it was haunted. yep, i was nervous from then on. playing it off as if it didn’t make my mind spin, i went along with it. we were in the city for a short time & decided to go back to our rooms to freshen up before we went out for the night. this is where my concern turns to petrified. the hotel was so old that we had no windows to the outside. the dead bolt lock on the door did not open from the hallway..just inside the room. so, when my dead bolt was unlocked and the door still wouldn’t open, i almost had to change my pants. freaked out would be an understatement. my friend was in the hall waiting & i was held up in my room. not cool!!!

this was my first encounter with anything other than a scary movie or halloween haunted house. all cheesy in my opinion. but being my only comparison, i figured how bad can it be?! i answered my own question before too long.

the trip continued as a great vacation. shopping, eating, exploring the city and its cemeteries, etc. i really enjoyed it.

after a few days of being there we went for a short road trip to the myrtle plantation. if i thought i was scared at the hotel, i had no idea what i was getting into with this place. it was once a family home, now turned into a haunted bed & breakfast. there is no way in this world i would spend a night here. gorgeous, yes. and very well maintained. it has great history. but too many dead people still visit. i will never be an over-night guest. i would recommend reading about it and visiting. during the daytime!!

i took hundreds of photos during the trip to the new orleans and the myrtle plantation. there were some that i looked at right away and others that i waited to see. when i got home from the trip, i proudly showed off my photos of our fun adventures & new sights. as my father was looking at the photos, i was explaining the story of the myrtle plantation & he said he saw an image of a man standing on the staircase in the entry of the home. he was correct!! there it was. gave me chills to think i was standing in the room when i took the photo & didn’t notice a thing at the time. there was another photo where an outline of a child can be seen. call me crazy. i’m not a person who believed in ghosts, until then!

aside from the spooky aspects of the trip…the vampire tour, the ghost tour, and haunted hotel, there was some amazing food that i got to experience.
if you haven’t been to new orleans, you have to try their local cuisine. definitely go to juan’s flying burrito. i believe we ate at juan’s about 4-5 times during our week’s stay. delicious!! also, try the gumbo shop. super tasty gumbo in a quaint restaurant. it’s worth the trip.

i’m attaching some photos of the trip. i hope to go back someday. this time i will be staying at a hotel a little less haunted. sleeping with ghosts, not my idea of a good nights sleep!!