lavender fields.

for the past few months i’ve had something that i haven’t seen in years…my natural hair color. i don’t mind it, but as with any hair color, i feel the need for change after a while. i can’t say its restricted to color. i frequently change the style as well.

in two weeks, i have a hair appointment to get a new color. i’m getting excited for the color i’ve chosen and can’t wait to post a photo. this time i’m going with lavender. it’s a color i’ve never done before and i’m sure i’ll hear a few comments about it. its only hair, mom! don’t worry..i’m not looking for a job anytime soon. but does that really matter anymore? it’s a hair color. it’s not offensive. no one has to like it other than me (and my husband). my theory is that if you don’t like it, don’t look at me. ha!!

regardless, that is the plan. lavender. i’ve found a few photos of lavender colored hair on women that i have prepared to show my hairdresser. the last time i saw her was june 2012. at that time i had a pixie cut and it was red. this time its grown out and my natural blonde. this should be fun!

the decision to make my hair lavender was quite simple. i wanted something unique, yet a color new to me. i’ve had several shades of red, which do not take well in my hair. also, i’ve had pink, black, brown, and platinum. i loved the platinum. this was probably my favorite. the upkeep was a little daunting, though.

when i told my husband i made a hair appointment for new color, he just looked at me. typically, i do my own color, but since i’ve never tried this process before and it want it done right for so many reasons, i thought its time to leave it to the professional. among those reasons, being pregnant leaves me with a sense of cautiousness about the process of coloring. i’m going to a salon that uses a plant-based hair color system. this is, by the way, the first time i’m having my hair colored by someone other than myself in about a year & a half. it’ll be nice to be pampered for a little while.

as you see, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. some fresh hair color, a new tattoo, etc., and i’m a happy chick.
i’ll post a photo when it’s all done!