mama & learning enthusiast.

after graduating high school (in the late ’90s), i had no real idea what i wanted to do with myself. so, instead of wasting time & money, i decided to postpone college. at the age of 29, i decided it was time to do something i actually wanted to do. i had worked in a field that i was not passionate about for 6 years. i did what was necessary & began school immediately at the local university.

after a year of school, i decided to make a move across the US and start a new life with my husband. i spent the next two years away from school due to working a new job in a new city. my priorities had not changed, but had to be rearranged. a short time later, we realized our first child was on his way. that said, school was, again, put aside. after the birth of our son & moving into a new house (and serious push from my husband), i returned to school. it wasn’t as easy as i had remembered…single, working & no real obligations other than myself. the challenge was refreshing. i worked on my major for several months, at night while everyone was asleep. my come-back was with a new university and new major. the new major was more my speed, as i finally decided to go into a field that i felt more *real* about. writing.

now we’re at the present day. i’m about to have baby #2. i took a few months away from school, again, for personal reasons, but now that the baby is due, i’m scared as to how i’m going to manage school with two babies. it’s obviously possible and done frequently by some amazingly strong parents. but how do they do it?!

many years ago, i lived & worked in dallas, texas. i worked with a lady who was just a few years older than myself. she had two tiny kids, worked full-time AND was a student. i have lost touch with her, but when i have doubts about whether or not i can do it, i think back to her. she was always on top of her game & a great mom at the same time. she doesn’t know it, but she is my silent inspiration.

my major will remain the same this time. and my priorities have changed a bit. yet, not to the point of being unrecognizable.

now, 4 years after making my original decision to have a less ordinary life and, boy, how things have changed in a few years.

the fun is about to begin…again!!