trip me!

although, i do not mean “trip me” literally, i could actually use a trip away. i’ve said this many times and mean every word..i want a trip to europe. not to say that there aren’t many other places i would love to see throughout this world.
lets start with this year’s planned vacation. there is a lot going on between now and vacation time, and i can’t wait for it all to get movin’. we currently live on the west coast, yet my husband and i are originally from the east coast. there are so many things about the east coast that we miss. so, this year’s trip is going to be to the east coast to visit friends & family and to hit the beach.

my family has gone to the beach every summer since my dad was a child. keeping this tradition alive is so important to me. my grandparents took my dad & aunt. my parents took us, as well as my aunt & uncle going with their boys. it was always such a blast. we could sit on the front porch to watch the ocean waves crash, play on the beach & in the ocean, or walk up & down the boardwalk. after doing this every summer for most of my life, i don’t want to stop now.

every year something would change. some changes were a little more difficult than others. there came a time when my grandparents no longer went on vacation with us. slowly, as us grandkids grew older, we each had our own lives and schedules. this didn’t always allow for vacation at the same time. trying to keep with the tradition, my parents picked up where my grandparents left off and are keeping it going.

this summer we’re all going home to hit the beach. i can’t wait. it’ll be a blast. not only will we be at the beach with the whole family, but it’ll be the first time our son will be in the ocean. (oh, and, the first time anyone in the family will meet our daughter!)

our simple, relaxing vacation is slowly turning into a busy trip. this always happens to us. we plan for low-key, but before we even pack our bags we’ve booked ourselves solid. my husband has never visited Washington, DC. this is something that i feel is so worth the arrangement of our plans. the kids will not understand it, but getting them involved in history from the start is important. i haven’t been there in several years, so i’m looking forward to being back in the city.
we also hope to have tattoo appointments from our favorite tattoo guy (you know who you are, if you’re reading this!)

yeah, we’re still in february and i’m talking about summer vacation. is it bad to want to be at the beach? nah.. its normal when you live in a desert. this will be our summer of many firsts.

can’t wait to get started!!