with all the hype about valentine’s day, i must say that its much different now than it used to be. dinner, a card, flowers, etc. seemed to be the thing to do. but now that we have kids, i’d rather spend the time having a special dinner with my husband and kids rather than get a sitter. i think this year i’m going to try something new. last year we didn’t do much because we were in the process of moving into our new house. i did, however, make my husband a homemade card, which is still sitting on our desk in the bill holder!!

so, this year, i’ll buy a card. and i’ll attempt a new recipe that i’ve been afraid to try. i’m going to try to make ratatouille. recently, i was watching a show set in paris & decided to break out my french cook books. my husband came home for lunch and saw the books sitting on the counter. he asked if i was planning to make something out of the book. my response just about got me into trouble..i said “i’m scared! some of these recipes are intimidating.” i was then, so lovingly, reminded of my earlier post about fear and that i should not be afraid of something so trivial. okay, then, i’m going to try. i may screw it up, but since none of us have ever tasted it before, we have no idea what its supposed to taste like anyhow. that works in my favor! all i really have to base it on is the picture from the book and the Disney movie. ha! yeah, realizing now that this makes me sound insane. oh well, moving on.. it will be a different type of valentine’s day for us. hopefully, it’ll be fun. i think we’ll make it a living room floor picnic style with a twist of romance. picnic blanket, candles, sparkling cider, a french baguette, and ratatouille.

i’ll keep you all posted on how it goes. also, if the recipe is worth trying a second time.

happy valentine’s day!! (early, i know.)