this morning in church our pastor said something that stuck in my head. without reciting the sermon, it was mentioned that we, as humans, are afraid to be who we truly want to be due to fear. it may be because of fear of the unknown, fear of what others will think, or fear of being rejected. no matter what the reason, it makes sense to do whatever our dreams are made of.

the point is.. why let fear guide our lives? let the drive to be yourself take control. become who you want to be & impact the world with a purpose. a positive one, that is. we can’t be driven by hatred, anger, or any wrongful feeling. it needs to be out of love and compassion. if there were more of this in the world, we wouldn’t seek out to hurt. everyone needs compassion. when you look at a stranger on the street, you can not see what hurts their heart. you can not see what pain is behind their eyes. that person may be on the verge of self-destruction, but your smile could change their day into sunshine. doesn’t this make you feel better?! it should. being kind to others relays back to making yourself happy. being who you feel in your heart you are & making the day of a stranger a little brighter is inspiring.

until recently, i had never cared enough about strangers to go out of my way to do them right. not sure what changed in my heart, but i made a promise to myself that the next time i see an elderly person eating alone at a restaurant, i’m buying their meal. what if they have no one else to share their meal with? that makes me sad. i have a beautiful family that i share most of my meals with. i can only hope the same for that lonely person. so, if by paying for their meal shows that someone cares, even a stranger, this may bring light to their day.
over the christmas holiday, my mother & i were shopping when a homeless man asked for some spare change. at the moment, i had nothing available. but minutes later i told my mom about the man & we decided it was best to do what we could to help him. we gave him money to buy himself lunch. it was obvious that he was in need of someone’s care. i have not seen him since, but i did feel much better about the decision i had made than i expected to.

our actions speak much louder than our words. (i want to scream this to the politicians in this country, but doubt it will make a strong impact.) that said, if our kind actions make us feel better about ourselves, then shouldn’t it also make us what to be the best that we can be to the world?!

i have changed my mind a million times about what i want to be when i grow up. from one end of the spectrum (a dentist) to the next (a writer/journalist), i have finally decided to do what makes me comfortable. write. thus, how i got here. this is practice for me to become what i always thought i’d be. i’ve wanted to impact the world in a special way. i’ve never lived to be like anyone else or be liked by anyone. i want to be my own person, making my own dreams come true. if i put sunshine into my life by doing what makes me happy, then i can make the lives of those around me better.

let’s be ourselves. regardless of your beliefs, we all have one similar mind-set. and that is to be happy. so, be happy. you deserve it!