discouraging parenthood.

today i read an article that shows little appreciation for parenting in the U.S. it is quite disheartening to know that the U.S. is the only industrialized country that does not participate in a lengthy paid time off for parents of newborns. tell me why this is..

sadly, i have to say, i’ve lost faith in this country when it comes to core values. i’m not talking about today’s issues of financial turmoil, same-sex marriages, etc. i’m speaking on behalf of what this country was built on. trust, honesty, loyalty, respect. when did parenting become such a bad thing? why is it better to have a stranger raise your child than raising your own?! and why doesn’t the government allow for such loyalties to our families?

the fertility rate in the U.S. is dropping. this is sad. there are so many people in this country that would love to be parents and would be excellent parents, given the opportunity. so, why make it impossible, financially, for those individuals to make their dreams come true?

when i found out i was pregnant with my son, my husband and i decided it would be more realistic for me to become a stay-at-home mom rather than continue my job. this was something i wanted because i wanted to be the person who saw my baby’s first steps, heard his first words, and was able to teach him in the way i felt appropriate. i did not want someone else raising my child that didn’t take a sincere interest in his well-being. trust me, i’m not saying daycares are horrible places. all i’m saying is that it wasn’t right for me. if the situation required i had my child in daycare, then i would do what was necessary to ensure his safety and best interest were taken care of. my situation didn’t call for it. i was lucky to be given the time to be home with him.

i’m just a little disturbed for those parents who aren’t or weren’t given the opportunity to be there for their little ones. i don’t feel that six to twelve weeks is enough time to bond with your child. more time is needed for the nurturing that a mother or father can do for their baby.
like i said before, i’m a fan of attachment parenting. i would’ve had a difficult time parenting in this way if i had to return to work after a few short weeks.

so, today, i just want to say i feel for you, parents. give your kids a huge hug & kiss when you see them tonight. they are precious. we may not be awarded the luxury of long-term maternity/paternity leave, but we work with what we have and you should be proud!

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  1. Irya Smith on February 8, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    I also read that article. It broke my heart. I went back to work 5 weeks after having my son because we had just bought our house and I couldn’t afford to miss pay. For my daughter we planned better and I took off 12 weeks. It is sad that this country does not recognize the importance of being parents.