the waiting game.

currently i am 31 weeks pregnant. obviously, it’s too early for her to be born, but i am quite ready to be done with pregnancy. having a second child is something i never thought would happen. okay, having the first one was really the surprise. but, anyhow, baby #2 is coming soon and i couldn’t be happier.
it’s funny how people say ‘is there anything you will change with this baby’. no. i love the way my son is. as most parents, i had no idea what i was doing when i brought him home from the hospital. reading parenting books, “preparing”, and all the advise in the world can never really prepare you for how your child will be. he’s mine so, of course, i think he’s perfect. and the cutest little guy i’ve ever laid eyes on, but i’m biased.
back to the point.. having a daughter will be different from a son. i already know this, but i am up for the task. knowing that life will be back to normal, somewhat, is quite appealing. since i’m not a huge fan of being pregnant, i can’t say i’ll miss this part. i will, however, be sad that this will be the last time i look into our brand new baby’s face knowing that we made this miracle. that this little person is mine and i get to take her home to be mine for the rest of my life. that those little fingers and toes are there for me and her dad to hold and tickle. and to know that all the love in our hearts is there for her and her brother. that is the only part of this i will miss. the rest is up for changes, challenges, and every hug i can get from the two little loves in my life.

i am excited! there are parts of being pregnant that have to be experienced to understand. but the part of being a mom doesn’t require pregnancy. the love you feel when you look into that baby or child’s face is all you need to melt your heart, no matter how black-hearted you thought you were. (that’s for you jenn!! hehe.)

so, let my countdown continue. soon we will be bringing her home to start life on a different page with a new member to our family.