let the cooking begin..

let’s talk about cooking.  have you seen the movie julie & julia?  talk about inspiring.  not only did it motivate me to purchase some french cook books, but also boosted my confidence to try different and possibly challenging recipes.  not all french recipes, though.  i’m trying new things..in a wide array of flavors and complexity.  its nice.  and its twice as nice when my family eats them without complaint.  (although, they may hate them after dinner, i’ve not seen this yet…)

my most recent cooking adventure was something i grew up eating.  pork and sauerkraut.  some of you may be thinking its impossible to mess this up, but for someone who is “experimenting” as she goes, this was a major fete.  i was quite proud.  we invited my brother over for dinner that night.  i overheard him talking to our parents on the phone later saying it was excellent.  **ding,ding,ding**  more points in the right direction!!

okay, enough about that dinner.  moving on to other recipes i’ve been working on.  bruschetta chicken pasta.  i had eaten this before at a restaurant & couldn’t get enough.  the restaurant is nowhere near our home so i had to make it myself.  it had been awhile since i had it so i improvised.  olive oil, garlic, chicken, broccoli, tomatoes, linguine, and italian seasoning.  yum!  not sure how others make it, but this hit the spot.  in fact, i made it two weekends in a row. 

i’m always on the prowl for new things to try.  complicated, not really my forte, yet will give anything a chance.  so, if you’re feeling like sharing some of your’s, please don’t hesitate to comment. 

…and remember, motivation is key in trying new things.  don’t be afraid to experiment.  especially if you have a family like mine that will try just about anything.  it does help that we have the old school rule of “you eat what i’ve made or you don’t eat!”  (don’t worry..its not harsh.  there is not a hungry belly in the house.)

until next time…eat up!!