Jessi Risley

Spiritual Medium + Relationship Specialist

Jessi Risley Coaching Relationship Specialist Mentor

Jessi is a spiritual medium and relationship specialist to

celebrities, high profile leaders and creative influencers.


Her expertise as an energy healer and relationship mentor goes beyond a traditional sense.

Jessi uses her unique gift to help those at the top of their success feel more connected to who they've become.ย 


She vows to help you become healthier -

mentally, emotionally & physically andย 

to be by your side through our time together as you learn how to

release trauma, addiction, self doubt and more.


When you know your strengths you become powerful.

When you know your weaknesses you become unstoppable.

Begin to believe in yourself, your relationships and the ability to have anything you want.

I am here to help you achieve your greatest accomplishment of all.. LOVE!